Fax Matching Services – B2B Data Services

Fax Matching services offered by B2B Data Services has been designed exclusively to assist clients in tracking out fax and phone numbers of prospects that are either outdated or missing from the database. We understand that possessing invalid and outdated fax number will not only lead to wastage of time but will as well hamper the potentiality of your brand. So, whether you wish to contact lost customers or reach out to the most recent ones, our fax matching service is the best solution for expending networks.


Our Fax Matching Solution:

Through our Fax Matching solution, we will append all types of business fax numbers present in our master database and update the selected contact information in our client’s file, as per their trading requirements. Since we focus a lot on quality, we also make sure to cross-check the accuracy and relevancy of the provided contact details.

Our Fax Matching Service Includes:

  • Rapid and immediate verification
  • Further cross verifying and editing through automated and manual process
  • Collection of fax number from all possible yet authentic sources
  • Inserting essential details to speed up your marketing campaign
  • Addition of other information as per business requirement

Benefits of our Fax Matching:

  • Strengthens the availability of recent, valid and accurate fax numbers
  • Offer huge collection of genuine contact details
  • Will gear up your marketing promotions and activities
  • Save time and money while generating rapid profit
  • Best for multi-channel marketing

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Finance Mailing lists | B2B Data Services

B2B Data Services is known for its on par excellent services in terms of Finance Mailing Lists. We are known for providing the most genuine and comprehensive Finance Companies Mailing Lists. We have partnered with many international associations through whom we gather the reliable data, and some of the data sources include; public records, online surveys, magazine subscription, in-house database and many more.

Finance Mailing lists - B2B Data Services

Benefits that you cannot afford to miss:

B2B Data Services’ Finance Email List is the most trusted approach that enables marketers to cost-effectively communicate with finance professionals in a way that’s immediate and relevant. Through our Finance Company CEO Email Lists service, you can reach key prospects from this industry that hold high level positions like C-level, VP-level etc. And what’s more? You can also narrow down your search by various selections like job title, income range, geography and many more.

We provide complete contact details including:

  • Contact name
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Permission-based email address
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number & Fax number
  • Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Custom segmentation available to meet niche target market needs


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ERP Users Email lists | B2B Data Services

Making use of ERP Users Email Lists services and Cloud Based ERP is basically a method to enterprise resource planning with the motive to offer flexible business process alteration and conversions in a given company. In other words, ‘ERP’ signifies business software that has been designed to record and manage your enterprise data.

ERP Users Email lists - B2B Data Services

At B2B Data Services, our aim is to automate and integrate core business processes by protecting your critical business data by implementing well-defined ERP Decision Makers Email List and smart ERP Solutions. Moreover, our methodologies can drive huge development in the success of any organization by providing you with the explicit tools to give a high level of service to your customers.

Benefits of ERP Users Email List for your Business:

  • With ERP modules and implementations, distribution of messages becomes faster and efficient, for audience who explicitly requests to receive the information
  • Building of networks beyond geographical barriers becomes easier by applying Cloud Based ERP Solutions
  • ERP Modules helps in targeting prospects based on key attributes
  • Integration across all business processes with ERP Implementation
  • Quality Reports and Performance Analysis becomes smoother when smart ERP Solutions are used

Available mailing list formats:

Standard: The standard information includes basic communicational data like name, age, income status, religion, marital status and many more.

Customized: The personalized information covers key information of prospects like life-style interest, sports, shopping and many more.

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Contact Appending Services | B2B Data Services

Contact Appending is a vital process in any campaign services as every contact has the potential to bring out the best if they are contacted the right way. B2B Contact Data Appending adds multiple contacts and adds new connections of key decision makers within an organization. In this way you gain a complete list of contacts with their present titles, providing you with information on the best person to contact.


Keeping track of changing titles and job roles is a challenge. B2B Data Services helps you to ensure that your message reaches the right people from your targeted company through our Contact List Management Services.


  • A wider market within the same company
  • Establishes new connections and adds new contacts to your database
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and improve campaign responses
  • Kick-start your social marketing strategies

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B2B Data Matching Services – B2B Data Services

We offer B2B Data Matching services because B2B Data Services is well aware of the importance that data plays in strengthening a business. This is also one reason why, while conducting B2B Data Matching, we assure that none of your valuable data gets misplaced from your dataset.


Following are the steps involved in our B2B Data Matching Service:

  1. Database of Client’s Company

All the records related to the business and that requires matching and appending are collected. Later, the information is transferred to our data appending and updating team, where our specially trained professionals make use of automated as well as manual processes to further verify them.

  1. Comparison with our Master Dataset

Once the files are picked by our appending specialists, they are made to undergo complete formatting procedures. Our master dataset consists of millions of records which are compared against our client’s archives. Whenever any address, name or business tallies with our database, immediately the contact detail is updated into client’s file. This process is continued until and unless all the contacts are exhausted.

  1. Manual Verification

To guarantee that nothing falls short in our B2B Data Matching Service, we further ask our verification team to conduct manual authentication. One by one, each of the selected and updated email addresses are not only validated but even their deliverability is tested.

  1. Sending Opt-in Messages to Customers

Announced under the CAN-SPAM act, a general message is sent out to all the contacts that have been validated. Doing so, not only allows our client to conduct email communication but as well permits the customer to opt-out of the mailing lists, if desired.

  1. Final Update

Once all the above steps are completed, the final database is re-verified and reformed before handing it over to our client.

How can our B2B Data Matching Help You?

  • Launch of effective marketing campaigns
  • Higher response rate
  • Avoidance of incorrect and duplicate contact details
  • Enhanced deliverance rate


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Contact B2B Data Services by calling at: +1 888-538-5188 or by mailing at info@b2bdataservices.com

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